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Another Pervy Sis...

Howdy hi! I followed Jen over here from ElijahExchange and Dominic_Monaghan_Hot_N_Sweaty -damn, gurl, you DO get around!!  As you can see, I go by Marigold - or Mari, if you prefer; the real non d'plume is Michelle, old enough to know better but do it anyway; am in So.Cal, about an hour and a half away from L.A., and absolutely ADORE the truly gorgeous Mr. Wood and the stunningly sex-ah Mr. Monaghan - not that I don't perv after the other 2 hobbits - but they just happen to be my favs!  I won't be able to get to Mardi Gras - so someone has to keep Jen company - but I will be going to the TORn Oscar Party with my bestest mellon, Annie - a sister PHF.  So that's enough about me for now - lets talk sexy hobbits!! or elves - or men - bwahahahaha!!  BIG HUG & KISS!!
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